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About CMS

Center for Management Sciences (CMS) as a college took its shape in 2010 and since then has been quenching the thirst of knowledge of deserving students who have talent but no affordability for private colleges. We proudly offer, ai???Fee of government institute and facilities of private collegeai???. In so for as, our teaching faculty is concerned, they are second to none, they are putting their energy of their heart and soul to this sacred profession. In the recognition of our services, our institution is affiliated with board of intermediate & secondary education, Gujranwala, registered by the Punjab government and affiliated with university of Gujarat as well. In its inception, CMS has pronounced the slogan ai???Education for Allai??? and has taken in its fold the students from all the communities regardless of the rich and poor. CMS has launched a society under the name of ai???EFAai??? providing scholarships for deserving students. We are hopeful to provide the facilities at maximum level for our students with the help of GOD (Insha-Allah).

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The administration of the CMS College takes great pains to provide students with an ideal academic environment conducive to the enlightenment of their minds and the grooming of their personalities. The following are the key features of the administrationai??i??s efforts so far:.

  • Separate campuses for boys and girls
  • Student scholarships for the non-affording students
  • A spacious, light and airy building & well-furnished & well-equipped classrooms
  • Parent teacher coordination through regular meetings
  • Monthly attendance, test & progress reports
  • A well stocked library with syllabus, reference & general books
  • State of the art computer labs
  • Free wireless internet connectivity on the entire campus
  • Uninterrupted electricity available through standby generators
  • Transportation whining the entire Gujranwala
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Dean`s office

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Research centre

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